What to Look For When Buying a Car Check

Buying your own car is one of the greatest achievements in life. However, the auto market is wide, and full of dealers and products, some of which may not meet your specific requirements. As a consumer, you know the type of a car you’re looking for, so before you settle for the deal, there are a few checks you need to perform to be sure that you get what you want. Here are some areas to look for in a car check.

Check the documents — The most important document is the V5C, which you must see because you cannot tax your car without it. Additionally, you should check whether the person selling the car is the genuine owner recorded on the registration document. Checking the V5C enables you to be aware of any forged documents and false owners. Genuine registration documents have a watermark and do not contain any spelling mistakes.

buying a used car checkCheck the mileage — Ensure that there is consistency in mileage, age, and appearance of the car you intend to buy. Any worn out screws, or mismatching mileage and service records are red flags you need to watch out for. Using the vehicle registration and the V5C, check and ensure the MOT status is correct and that every piece of information is genuine.

Check the safety — The safety of the vehicle is another, if not the most important, factor to consider when buying a car check. Ensure that all lights, wipers, tires, and other components are in good condition. Confirm with the handbook that everything about the car is correct before you sign.

Other places you need to check include the engine, windows, locks, and general controls, as well as take a test drive. These checks ensure that the car is in a proper, working condition, and that everything is right according the manufacturer’s specifications. Without the checks, you are likely to run into various problems, including poor functionality, inappropriate documents, and illegitimate sellers.

New Trend: Buying a Car On The Internet

People who want to buy a car flick through car ads in the newspaper. They check local classifieds to only reach a dealer’s yard. On the other hand, wander around a few car showrooms. Somehow, they end up with a salesperson that is trying to convince them into buying a car they cannot really afford. With the vast use of Internet in the modern world, many people turn to this most powerful ally when buying a car. You can use the internet for everything that you want to figure out from what make and model suits you to identifying a suitable seller and in the end ordering and paying for your dream vehicle.

Many buyers search the web for choosing a car and locating a suitable seller but do not commit to buying a car on the Internet. There are a bewildering number of websites that offer new and old cars and it could be a daunting decision to make. Here are a few tips on buying a car on the Internet that will make it easier for you to purchase a car online as well.

Budget Car

ca15However, first you have to decide your budget-how much do you want to spend on buying a car and second, the kind of car you are looking for. Several sites have guides for buyers to compare one model to another that is in your budget. They review new models and used models while also estimating the value of your current car. There are also websites that help you in choosing which car you should buy with comprehensive reviews and ratings on old and new cars.

Avail Online Services

Once you have decided the make and model, if it is a new car, do not forget manufacturer’s websites. You can order brochures and book test-drives for both new and old cars that dealers have in stock. This will save you from toe-curling sessions. You can also review the performance of your desired car in a variety of crash tests. By now, you will have made up your mind on the type of car you want and how much your budget can stretch to. All that is left now is getting the right car at the right price. The net gives you the opportunity of widening your search to a private seller, a car dealer, car supermarket, internet-only seller or a car auction. However, before you opt for a car seller who is miles away from you, do not forget that you have to pick it up at some point of time. So do not go beyond your reach zone when buying a car on the Internet.

Close the deal

Once you have spotted the right seller and the right car at the right price, now all you have to do is close the deal. Close the deal before someone else does. Negotiation can be done a little if you are paying hard cash. Speed up with the legal aspects of buying. Check all necessary paperwork. Do not forget to check the car’s history if it is a second-hand car for fraud, finance or any other problems.

What a Car Log Book Can Tell You

When you own a car, the next crucial thing is maintenance of the car. Servicing your car regularly is important for better engine performance. Usually, when you purchase a car, you get a car logbook that keeps a record of all the checks and services. It provides detailed information about when and how the car should be serviced according to the manufacturer. You can use logbook servicing for both old and new cars. If you are buying a second-hand car, then make sure to see the car logbook to know when and how the car requires servicing. Moreover, this logbook servicing can be used at any auto shop.


This logbook service has a huge benefit of giving you the freedom of choice. You can choose to service your car in any auto shop you like from local shops to retailer services. The logbook defines only the standard under which the car will be serviced. Different owners have different budget constraints when it comes to car repairs or part replacement. With the logbook service, you can avail a single promotional price for a series of repairs and checks over a certain period. This allows you to save a lot of money over visiting auto shops only when your car has broken down. Do not even ask about the towing service costs these days.

If you keep changing the auto shop that you visit for servicing your car, it can increase the chances of damage to your engine. In addition, using logbook service at one car repair shop will only build your trust while preserving the quality of your engine. You do not need to be worried about who is going to service your car, and your car will be repaired by the same standards over a longer period. Logbook service is the right choice for better care and quality of your car.

Car Log Book Loans

You can also apply for a car logbook loan. This kind of loan has increased in popularity over the last few years. This loan is secured against your vehicle. Your car’s logbook is kept with the loan provider, and when you repay the loan in full, the logbook is returned to you. However, if you are unable to pay the loan back for any reason, the company has the right to take your car away from you. This kind of loan offers you the amount of money your car is worth. You also have to prove that you will be able to repay the loan.

These loans are easy to understand wherein you can borrow up to a percentage of your car’s current worth. The best thing about these loans is the fact that your car remains with you. You will still get to use the car even when your car is the collateral. Thus, your routine life also will not be affected with this type of loan. In addition, there are very little requirements to meet the eligibility needs for this loan.

How to Find The Best-Used Car Deal

Instead of shelling out cash for a new car, it is a good option to buy a used car. A new car’s 40 percent worth reduces in the first year of its ownership. Therefore, it is much wiser to opt for a nearly new model and saving a lot of money. Those who do their research can substantially cut the cost of owning their dream vehicle. However, you have to be a little careful with pushy sales tactics and hidden histories. Often cars that have accidental cases or hit and run cases on them are sold at very tempting offers. Cars that are stolen are also sold at attractive prices. Here are some tips to help you buyers avoid landing into an old banger rather than a bargain motor.

Tips to Find the Best Car

To avoid being ripped off, the main thing you have to do is do an extensive research. Do not get carried away with second-hand cars that are shiny and in good outer appearance. If you think the car is coming at an affordable rate, make sure to check the car thoroughly. Even the running cost of fuel has to be taken into account. Consider aspects like safety ratings and insurance brackets.


Next, you have to check out model specific forums and see if the car has any problems, else you will have to bear costly repairs. Choosing the most suitable model will save you a lot of time by not being carried away with hard selling tricks of dealers. You would not want to be persuaded into buying something that is not right for you.

When hunting for the best used car deal, a variety of options will come at your disposal. However, majorly people go for either a private seller or a car dealer. Some people also hunt in classifieds and majorly land in a dealer’s yard. When buying from a private seller, the cost of your dream car will be comparatively low but they also have a higher risk for the buyer. It is then solely your responsibility to check every scratch on the car. However, you have certain rights as a private buyer that you are entitled to under the Sale of Goods Act. If something goes wrong, you can ask the seller to rectify the problem or reject the car.

Negotiating Tips

Hard cash is one of the best bargaining tools. Most sellers will come down a little from the previous price if you are willing to pay hard cash immediately. Listing all the car faults will also give you a higher edge while negotiating. Try to explain politely to the seller that these are the faults in your car, and you will have to spend extra on repairing or replacing the damaged parts. There are a number of advertisements published every day in the newspapers and on the Internet that will help you find the best used car deal. Also, understand that the cheapest car may just land you with bigger bills down the line.

Are There Honest Used Car Dealers?

Finding the ideal car is difficult. But finding a used car that suits all your requirements is an even bigger challenge. So many considerations and conditions make it a Herculean task in itself. Examining the car’s physical condition, requisite paperwork, insurance, price negotiations and other such factors make the seemingly simple exercise a daunting experience. Certain old cars, when bought with smart negotiation skills and proper examination, make for even better deals than the brand new ones. But all of these matters can be easily dealt with once you have found a legit car dealer for buying the used car you wish to own. Although finding honest used car dealers is half the battle won, it can be a difficult task in itself. Here are certain ideas you should consider while looking for a car dealer.

Get a Quote

The dealer should already give you an estimated quotation for the car and model of your choice. Most legit, honest used car dealers have the option of getting a quote on their websites itself. You can also get a request over the telephone. This plays a crucial role in simplifying the whole deal and clearing any discrepancies. You can later walk in with the written quotation and negotiate with the dealer after inspecting the condition of the car. A cordial dealer is always open to negotiations to some extent.



Since it is used cars we are talking about, you should not trust anyone who is new in the business and still has a reputation to create. It is far more practical to go for trusted names and be sure that your chances of getting conned are negligible. Word of mouth is a trustworthy reference in such cases. You should probably also ask your acquaintances for a reference. A broad customer base that stands testament to the dealer’s honesty suggests that buying from such dealers is a great idea.

Transparency and Paperwork

An honest used car dealer will never keep you in the dark.   He will paint a clear picture of the present condition without hesitation and will also inform you if the car has ever met with an accident before. Another way to ensure that the dealer is honest is by bombarding them with questions, which have obvious answers. If you sense that the dealer is trying to hide certain facts, look for a better dealer. The dealer should be showing commitment to the deal and open to negotiations. If price negotiations are not possible, certain services can still be provided to you as part of the negotiations.

The paperwork is the most crucial dimension of making a car deal. An honest used car dealers will let you know about the past owner record of the car and also produce all original and genuine documents. It is advised that you ask to see original documents only as photocopies and printouts have an associated risk of being fake. Examine each minute detail in the documents and also ensure that the dealer writes a receipt for both of you.